About Us

Chung, Wendy K.

Dr. Wendy Chung is the Kennedy Family Associate Professor of Pediatrics in Medicine whose research relates to the genetic basis of a variety of human diseases including obesity, type 2 diabetes, congenital heart disease, cardiomyopathies, arrhythmias, Long QT syndrome, pulmonary hypertension, endocrinopathies, congenital diaphragmatic hernias, cleft lip/cleft palate, seizures, intellectual disabilities, autism, inherited metabolic conditions, rare disorders, and breast and pancreatic cancer susceptibility. She also works on the implementation of genomic and precision medicine. She is the director of the Pediatric Neuromuscular Network Molecular Core and the New York Obesity Center Molecular Genetics Core. She is the director of the Clinical Cancer Genetics program, DISCOVER, and the fellowship program in Cytogenetics and Molecular Genetics, and she supervises medical education in human genetics for Columbia University Medical School.

Wynn, Julia

Julia Wynn is a Senior Genetic Counselor at New York Presbyterian Hospital, Columbia University Medical Center. She completed her Masters in Genetic Counseling at the University of Texas and is certified by the American Board of Genetic Counselors. Julia practices as a clinical genetic counselor in the Columbia Cardiogenetics Program and the Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy Center of Excellence where she sees patients for a variety of cardiac indications. She is the genetic counselor for the IMAGene (Individualized Medicine through Application of Genomics) which is investigating the medical and personal utility of predictive genetic testing. She is the principal research coordinator for DHREAMS an International study of the genetics of congenital diaphragmatic hernia. She is co-chair of the NHGRI clinical sequencing exploratory research (CSER) genetic counseling working group where she participates in research examining the ethic, legal and social implications of diagnostic and predictive genomic testing. Julia was awarded the 2016 Jane Engelberg Memorial Fellowship by NSGC to fund a two year research project examining the effects of whole exome sequencing (WES) and utility of educational videos to augment WES patient education. Julia is passionate about communicating important genetic information in a comprehensive but approachable manner.

This project was sponsored by the Columbia eMERGE project (Grant #: U01 HG-008680; PIs: Chunhua Weng, Ali Gharavi, George Hripcsak).

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